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The shortsea shipping company “Bakotrans Shipping” is a general partnership and consists of 2 partners, Jan Bakker and Willem Bakker.

Bakotrans stands for “Bakker Overseas Transport”.

History of Jan Bakker:

After I got my papers, I sailed a year on various ships as a relief captain.

In January 1989 the 1st “Aldebaran” was purchased. This was a ship built as an inland vessel (ms. Banjaard) which was later converted into a so-called Denmark Trade vessel. This was a ship with a loading capacity of 830 tons.

We mainly sailed on the Dutch, German and Belgian inland waterways and then via Delfzijl to sea towards the German Bight and the southwestern part of the Baltic


At the beginning of 1993 the “Bornrif”, built as a Denmark Trade vessel, was renamed the 2nd “Aldebaran”. This ship had a cargo capacity of 1,450 tons.
This ship also mainly sailed on the Dutch, German and Belgian inland waters and then via Harlingen to sea towards the German Bight and the southwestern part of the Baltic Sea.






In 1996 the 3rd “Aldebaran” was built at the Damen Bergum shipyard. This ship start sailing in January 1997. This ship had a cargo capacity of 2150 tons. This ship mainly sailed in northwestern Europe. In particular, steel from the Netherlands to the Baltic Sea and from the Baltic Sea was often loaded with wood for the Netherlands, England or France.

This ship was sold in 1996.


History of Willem Bakker:

After completing the MAVO, MTS (mechanical engineering) and the Military Service with the Air Force, I went sailing with my parents as Bestman (officer with dispensation) on the “Morgenstond” (load capacity 530 tons). After 1 ½ years of sailing, I went to the Maritime Academy. Afterwards again sailed as officer and captain on the “Morgenstond”. Then briefly sailed on the Rhine to get my Rhine patent, and with it the inland shipping papers.

Subsequently sailed for 2 years as a relief captain on the Denmark vessel “Bornrif” together with my girlfriend Jacomina, now my wife for 25 years.

As a next step, we bought the ship “Aldebaran” from my brother Jan in 1994 and renamed it “Gitana”. Until 2004 Jacomina sailed as Bestman, but because the children had to go to school, we bought a house in Lemmer. 12 years later (2006) we sold the 1st Gitana.



In 2006 it was decided that Jan and Willem would continue together. In April 2007 the “Trinitas” was purchased. This ship was built in 2003 at Peters Shipyard in Kampen and has a loading capacity of 4,750 tons.

This has now become a real family business. Jan and Willem sail on the “Gitana” as captain with a sailing schedule of approximately 4-6 weeks on board / 4-6 weeks at home. Sometimes a 3rd captain is hired due to circumstances.

Willem’s wife, Jacomina Bakker-Gerlsma, runs the office and does the administration of the company.

Jan’s wife, Gea Bakker-Zwering regularly performs several small services.

Furthermore, Jan does most of the paperwork, such as all books, certificates, etc.

Willem is more concerned with technical matters.

Our strong point: One easily takes over the other’s tasks. Everyone is multifunctional.