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VTL Recognized Training Company:

We are a “VTL Certified Training Company”. This allows us to offer 2 internships for MBO / HBO students.
If you are interested in an internship, you can send your application (incl. CV) by email to

What can you expect from your internship as an apprentice?

We attach great importance to being able to do all common work on board.
If you work later as an officer, you must be able to perform all work on deck independently, on the bridge, or in the engine room to gain the respect of the crew. You won’t get this respect if you have  not gained experience in all kind of jobs yourself.
Normally you have a 3-hour watch during the night together with the officer (from 00.00 – 03.00 or from 03.00 – 06.00). During these hours you can get good knowledge of everything of navigation, but also knowledge of all bridge equipment. This also offers the possibility that the officer will guide you one on one in carrying out the tasks of the internship book. You can also work on things related to your report / final assignment.
From 10.30 am you will work on deck with the rest of the crew on all occurring activities. This means that you work on the maintenance of the ship (chipping rust, brushing, sanding and painting). But also cleaning on deck, cleaning the holds, accommodation, etc. is part of this.
The normal working day ends at 5:00 PM.
Your personal skills and wishes are also taken into account. And in which direction you follow your training (Marof, Engineer or Nautical). So if you are more of a technical person, you will also do more technical jobs. Or, for example, assisting the engineer with certain activities.
It may also be that you see things yourself that deserve attention. You can report this and then we can determine in consultation whether you are going to give that attention. For example, you are sometimes the determining factor of the work that you are going to do.

What else do we do?

We also think it is important that you are actively involved in the navigation. This means that with us you get the opportunity to steer independently, but under supervision; but also entering or leaving a port. If you have mastered the steering, you will also have the opportunity to sail away from the quay or perhaps moor.
In the Netherlands we have pilot exemption for all ports. This is the perfect opportunity to let you do your thing. But even if we do have a pilot on board elsewhere, we try to convince him that a trainee should also be given a chance to sail.
So it is not the case that here, as is so often the case with a shipping company, you are only allowed to look on with your hands behind your back, but you are also going to do it yourself. Obviously only if the circumstances allow it and you feel good about it.
We also have a number of practical stability assignments that can be made.

Internship book and reports:

You are responsible for keeping your internship book up to date. If you have completed a part, this task can be signed off by the captain, officer or engineer.
By looking carefully at which assignments you still have to do, you can also focus on these assignments.
We do not give away signatures. This is to reach a certain level and to be sure that you have sufficient knowledge of the subject.
In general, there is plenty of time in the evenings and on weekends to work on your reports. If you show that you are serious about this and you are still short of time, we will give you the opportunity to work on this during the day.
We are quite critical of reports. This is to prevent the report from being rejected at school. This also prevents you from having to look for an extra internship afterwards to complete your assignments / reports.

HBO and final assignment:

We find it quite difficult to guide a HBO student with his final report for 2 reasons.

  1. Because many years ago we ourselves had a training at “only” MBO level.
  2. Because we are a relatively small ship and it is difficult to find a suitable subject.

Fortunately, the HBO schools and students are more positive about this because there is sometimes a shortage of internships and because they know that it is compensated here in a different way with knowledge of these “Old hands in the profession” ”.
That is why we had already had a number of HBO students on board. Because we know what our “lack” is, we are all the more motivated to make the most of it that is within our means.
In general, it therefore also requires a little more from us, but also from the student, to successfully complete the final assignment.

Drivers license:

Having a driver’s license is an advantage.
We have a car on board and it will be put ashore in the harbor as far as permitted. With this, an apprentice goes to the supermarket with the cook to do some shopping.
It is also used for the transport of crew to and from the airport for a crew change or for purchases at, for example, a hardware store.
Sometimes we stay somewhere during weekend and then we use the car to go for a tour or to visit a place of interest.
An additional advantage for the trainee is that he sees something of a city or country in this way.

To evaluate:

We always ask a departing intern for their opinion on how they experienced their internship. This often shows that they have experienced it as very positive that they had great independence during work.
Navigating at sea, entering or leaving a port and maneuvering in the port are also experienced as very positive. You don’t get this option on many ships, but we think this is a very important part of your internship.
They also like the fact that you still have your privacy, each with his own cabin with shower and toilet.The fact that it is occasionally tough with long working days is generally not experienced as very negative. This is just the “Part of the job”.
In short, it comes down to the fact that you determine how you experience your time on board. We generally have a nice team of people on board who have been working here for years. If you fit in well, you just have a nice and pleasant time on board. “What you give is what you get”.

Shipping company or Captain-Owner:

As Captain Owner we can give more freedom to someone because this is our own ship and we do not have to be accountable to an office.
This is also in our own interest because if an intern makes a positive contribution, then we also have the advantage of it. This is motivating for both parties.
This automatically puts a bit more pressure on a trainee because we also expect a little more from him. That he also thinks along in solving a problem, and that he does things in a committed and independent manner.
So if you just want to sit out your internship and be here with white gloves on board, then we are not the most suitable party for you.
We want you to be able to say after your internship: “I learned a lot and had a good time”.
We wish you success with your application and have fun on board.